We know, we know -- you are sick of Hollywood remaking classic films. And, hey, we are too. If there was ever a list of movies that should not be remade, Sam Peckinpah's 'Straw Dogs' would probably be on it. However, we are way past that now -- after all, the new 'Straw Dogs' will hit theaters September 16.

We aren't really sure how good (or bad) this new version will be, but it is nice to see Alexander Skarsgard break out of his vampire shell (he plays Eric in HBO's 'True Blood').
This new clip of the remake features the two lead actors, James Mardsen (David) and Kate Bosworth (Amy) discussing the possibility of firing the group of locals who are working on a house they plan to sell. Of course, if you have seen the original, you know that doesn't work out so well.

Straw Dogs
R 2011
Based on 29 critics

Locals in a woman's Mississippi hometown push her screenwriter husband into violent retaliation. Read More

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