Last week I may have jumped the gun ever so slightly by live blogging what turned out to be about one second of actual footage from 'The Hunger Games.' Fool me once! Am I right? Well, now I'm being told that some actual, longer-than-one-second footage has been made available to us, the public, which premiered on Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards. I swore to myself I would never be duped into feeding into this 'Hunger Games' madness again, but... real footage! So, I've got an unlimited supply of Coke Zero sitting next to me because, this time, I really will need easily accessible caffeine -- as this will be a true display of superhuman levels of stamina to make it though over a full minute of this sweet, sweet 'Hunger Games' footage. So, with that, there's no room for cowards where we're going... Let's do this!

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00:01 I really think it's great that Jennifer Lawrence is going to appear live, in person, as promised, to introduce this exciting footage.

00:02 Well, strike that. As her pre-recorded message tells us, she does "wish" that she could be there in person. So that's something, right?

00:03 Her excuse for not coming turns out to be "I'm in North Carolina filming 'The Hunger Games.'" Right. I mean, of course she is. But that sounds like it's been planned all along that she wouldn't be attending in person. Perhaps an astute producer should have dubbed in a quick, "I'm in North Carolina ... taking shelter from a terrible, terrible hurricane." Regardless! That doesn't mean we're not about to get some very exciting 'Hunger Games' action.

00:11 "Here's the first glimpse of 'The Hunger Games,'" Lawrence tells me. Um, I'm going to have to call bullsh*t on that – was she not paying attention last Thursday?

00:17 OK! Here we go! Time to shock the world, 'Hunger Games'!

00:22 Look at all of those trees! That's a lot of trees. Only a movie as good as 'The Hunger Games' could fit that many trees into one frame. Good God this is going to be a great movie.

00:24 OK, for those of you who aren't seasoned cinephiles, you may not have noticed what just happened at this moment. You see, we were looking at trees. Now, we are looking at trees... but! Not the same trees that we were looking at before. Absolutely amazing.

00:27 Bam! One second, all we see are trees. Now we see two human legs in motion, walking through the very trees that we were just looking at. A twist that I, for one, did not see coming.

00:29 I saw a torso. It's definitely a human being.

00:30 Whoa! Just when I didn't think that I could be surprised again: a wide-angle shot, clearly showing a human being walking in the woods.

00:33 This is just too much. Perhaps it's the caffeine from my second Coke Zero, but a shot from behind! What is Lions Gate thinking giving away so many angles? I mean, save us something for March, guys!

00:34 Eyeballs! If only we could see all of the trees that those very eyes are looking at right now.

00:35 Hot damn, we can! Glorious.

00:39 A voice just told me that I am "stronger than they are." Am I the only one who heard that? I'm not sure who "they" are. Perhaps other people watching this video? Are they too weak to make it through all of this excitement?

00:40 The only thing more exciting than watching someone walk through the woods: Watching someone run through the woods.

00:44 Katniss! Watch out for what appears to be... well, I'm not exactly sure what that is. I mean, whatever that is, that is not fire. I know what fire looks like. I've created fire! What I just witnessed in this clip is anything but fire. It's more of a yellow frizz?

00:45 I'm starting to feel cheated. I've seen this very second of footage before.

00:49 "They just want a good show. That's all they want." You said it, buddy.

00:53 I think we just saw our money shot. Katniss, still running from the yellow frizz, kind of hops over a log that was in her way. From its height, it looks like she could have chosen to go under the log, too. But, as we see, Katniss decided to go over the log (spoiler alert).

00:54 It appears Katniss is gong to fire her bow, but I am not sure how she plans to do this since, even though she reached into her arrow bag, she is clearly not holding an arrow.

00:55 And now there is what is clearly a CGI arrow protruding out of her fist. Wait, I've never read the books: Does Katniss have that power? To create arrows?

00:55:04 Followed by a camera angle switch to Jennifer Lawrence shooting... what still looks like a CGI arrow. But what is she shooting her CGI arrow at?

00:58 According to this clip, Katniss was shooting at the symbol for 'The Hunger Games.' And she hit it! Which caused it to spin into place so that we, as an audience, can see it much better. Thank you, Katniss.

01:03 An unfortunate side effect of the 'The Hunger Games' symbol being knocked into a more viewable position is that, unfortunately, it combusted.

01:05 "May the odds be ever in your favor." If that's referring to me not watching any more clips from 'The Hunger Games,' those are very good odds.

01:13 So what did we learn about 'The Hunger Games' from this clip? We now know for sure that Katniss prefers jumping to crawling, trees play a major role in this film and that, oddly, shoddy CGI arrows will be used. Thanks to everyone for helping me make it though this live blog. Hey, there are only seven more months left of exciting 'Hunger Games' news, so you better savor all of this while you still can.

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