Now that we've had our first look at 'The Hunger Games' courtesy of the MTV Video Music Awards, we're obsessed curious about the second installment, 'Catching Fire,' which Lionsgate announced will be released on Nov. 22, 2013, just in time for Thanksgiving. Since production on the first 'Hunger Games' is close to wrapping, we've set our sights on dream casting 'Catching Fire,' in which we meet several new characters, most of whom are previous Hunger Games Victors. Let's start with the hunky Finnick Odair.
Finnick Odair

Physical description: Finnick is ridiculously handsome: He's tall, athletic and an expert swimmer. He's tan with bronze hair, sea green eyes and a swoony, seductive voice.

Personality: A Sexiest Man Alive type who's a known womanizer and makes suggestive comments but is secretly a selfless, vulnerable romantic.

Taylor Kitsch: Anyone who watched the critically acclaimed 'Friday Night Lights' knows Kitsch is more than a pretty face. He's got it all -- the looks, the magnetic charisma, and the acting chops. If he's not too busy with his various upcoming leading roles, he'd be a perfect Finnick.

Chris Hemsworth: Yes we realize his little bro Liam is already Gale, but it could still work! If the producers keep Chris a 'Thor' blond and beautiful, he won't look a think like Liam who's now a tan brunette. Plus, he already knows Hutcherson and would have believable rapport.

Benjamin Stone: A true fan favorite, the 'Nine Lives of Chloe King' hottie certainly has the swagger and the build (although he'd have to convincingly mask his English accent), but his youthful looks could work against him (although he's actually 24).

Johanna Mason

Physical description: Short brown hair, wide-set brown eyes, a recent Hunger Games victor, so she's in her early 20s.

Personality: She's clever, combative and enigmatic. While she looks fragile, she's actually exceptionally strong and scheming.

Kristen Bell: weighed in to vote for the petite but fierce actress, who has reportedly been lobbying for the role already. Although she's blond and already 30, we could see her as the no-nonsense, tough-talking Johanna.

Naya Rivera: The 'Glee' actress has also expressed an interest in playing the sharp-tongued former Victor, and seeing as she already plays a queen bee quite convincingly, she'd be great as Katniss' rival with the knockout bod.

Zoe Saldana: With her lithe, slender figure it would at first glance be easy to underestimate Saldana, but she's quite the warrior, as evidenced by her butt-kicking performances in 'Colombiana,' 'Avatar' and 'The Losers.'


Physical description: Elderly, about 80 years old, with limited mobility and slurred speech

Personality: She's from the District known for fishing and is an expert weaver, angler and swimmer

Eileen Atkins: The 77-year-old English actress always impresses, whether as the regal Eleanor of Aquitane in 'Robin Hood' or the craggy old Samaritan in 'Cold Mountain.'

Cloris Leachman: She's still spry at 85 and always up for a challenge -- she even owned the stage next to the ladies of 'The Jersey Shore' at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Betty White: Because she's awesome, and she's one of the hardest working actresses in Hollywood, and we know the 89-year-old Emmy winner wouldn't balk at a supporting role.


Physical description: Ashen skin, black hair and ill-fitting glasses

Personality: Beetee is from District 3, known for its expertise in electronics and explosives; he is a whiz with electrical engineering and is sometimes referred to as "Volts"

Michael Emerson: Oh how we love the former 'Lost' star, who possesses an air of intelligence that would easily translate to Beetee's genius. The Emmy winner's also remarkable at evoking a lot with the tiniest of gestures, and he'd be excellent as the critical supporting player.

Jackie Earle Haley: The 'Little Children' Academy Award nominee is a powerful performer, and he would be extremely believable as a man who outsmarted 23 other contestants to claim his Hunger Games victory.

John Hawkes: We admit to just wanting to see the Oscar-nominated actor reunite with Lawrence, his 'Winter's Bone' co-star. Hawkes, while definitely not "nerdy," could easily play the wiring expert with a plan.


Physical description: Like Beetee, she's got ashen skin and black hair

Personality: Johanna derisively refers to her as "Nuts," because she's shy, can't finish her sentences and seemingly unstable -- making the inseparable District 3 friends "Nuts and Volts."

Jane Adams: HBO's 'Hung' star is an under-appreciated gem of a character actress, and if anyone can pull off a painfully shy, emotionally damaged former Games contestant, it's Adams.

Ally Sheedy: We know the '80s actress hasn't been taking as many roles recently, but she instantly came to mind (she played disturbed and fragile to perfection in 'The Breakfast Club').

Cynthia Stevenson: Another fabulous supporting actress who pops up in various film and television roles. She might be a bit too naturally chipper, but otherwise she'd be a solid choice.

These are just some of the new characters we meet in the second installment of the 'The Hunger Games.'

Let us know in the comments: Who do you see playing the various roles in 'Catching Fire'?
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