Scott McLean, a stunt double for 'Hangover 2,' is suing Warner Bros. for unspecified damages after he was seriously injured in a major car collision on set, while sitting in for actor Ed Helms.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film's stunt coordinator "commanded to the driver of the automobile, in which plaintiff Scott McLean was a passenger, that the speed of his vehicle be increased significantly to a speed unsafe for the stunt, thus resulting in a major collision."

In a statement, the studio said that they "were shocked and saddened by this accident and have been working closely with Scott and his family throughout his treatment and recovery." Warner Bros. also added that they "have offered continual support since the accident occurred and ... are working together to try and resolve any outstanding issues."

Warner Bros. has already escaped one 'Hangover 2' lawsuit, which involved the face tattoo Helms had during the movie. The artist, who originally created the tattoo for ex-boxer (and 'Hangover' co-star) Mike Tyson, accused the studio of using the design without his permission. '

[via THR]

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