We've been scratching our heads over this Madonna-directed feature film ever since we read the synopsis. 'W.E' follows a woman named Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish), who becomes obsessed with a love affair that occurred between King Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson. Apparently, the film jumps between time periods as well.

Well, either way, the first reviews of 'W.E.' are in, and they all seem to come to the same conclusion: it looks good but lacks substance. p>
The Hollywood Reporter said that the film "looks good in an expensive music video sort of way," but ultimately, 'W.E.' "feels artificial, programmed, rote. Especially dreary is the slow-burning affair between Wally (Cornish) and Evgeni, the security guard, who just don't seem meant for each other on any level."

The Daily Mail review was much kinder, stating that "it's impossible to refute that [Madonna's] film brings to the screen one of the most compelling love stories in history," adding that "it also happens to be one of the best-dressed movies of the year ... In fact, the whole thing looks fantastic."

The Telegraph utters similar sentiments in their review: "It all looks good, or at least glossy, in the manner of high-end cosmetics commercials. Exotic locations (Portofino, Cap d'Antibes) are visited and luxury brand names (Moet, Cartier, Schiaparelli) tossed around ... W.E. often feels like an extended infomercial for Sotheby's New York."

Do you have any interest in seeing 'W.E.'?

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R 2011
Based on 32 critics

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