After five days filled with upcoming wide releases, we've come to the end of our Fall Movie Preview and we're sending it off the indies. If big-budget blockbusters and popcorn fluff of Summer just wasn't your thing, then it's time to head back to the theater because you've got some gems to look forward to in the coming months.

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'Pearl Jam Twenty'

Opens: September 20

Who's In It? Pearl Jam (Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder), various rock stars, and, for some reason, David Lynch; directed by Cameron Crowe.

What's It About? The formation and rise to fame of the Seattle-based rock band, and their influence on alternative music.

Are We Excited? Grunge! Flannel! Torn jeans! There will be a '90s revival when this documentary from Cameron Crowe (who knows a thing or two about showcasing rock bands) is released this September. As Chris Cornell says in the trailer, American rock bands usually break up -- that, is except for Pearl Jam, a band that changed the face of alternative music. In 'Pearl Jam Twenty,' we'll not only see how the group got their start, but we will also be treated to never-before-seen archival footage of concerts and interviews with each member. Are we excited? You can bet your flannel on it.



Opens: September 23

Who's In It? Chris Evans, Michael Biehn, and Vinessa Shaw; directed by Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen; written by Chris Lopata.

What's It About? A drug-addicted lawyer battles his own demons as both he and his partner take on a big pharmaceutical company.

Are We Excited? We have a tendency to roll our eyes at any new David vs. Goliath-type lawyer dramas, but this one has a very intriguing twist, with Captain America himself, Chris Evans, playing a drug addicted attorney who's "fighting the good fight" against an evil company. Along with his role as the aforementioned Cap, Evans once played the Human Torch in both 'Fantastic Four' movies, so we know we can rely on him as a hero. Now the only questions is, can he play a hero who's battling some very personal drug demons? We'll certainly find out when 'Puncture' hits theaters in September.


'Take Shelter'

Opens: September 30

Who's In It?: Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain; written and directed by Jeff Nichols.

What's It About?: Shannon plays Curtis, an honest man working an honest job who is raising an honest family. That is until one day when he starts having apocalyptic dreams that, night after night, become more and more real. Curtis seeks treatment for his visions, but that doesn't stop him from a self-medicating home project that nearly destroys his family's life.

Are We Excited?: Already an award-winner at Cannes, 'Take Shelter' is generating strong Oscar buzz for Shannon and breakout star of the year, Chastain.


'The Skin I Live in'

Opens: October 14

Who's In It? Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya; written and directed by Pedro Almodovar.

What's It About? A plastic surgeon works to develop a fireproof synthetic skin in the wake of his wife's gruesome death.

Are We Excited? We love Pedro Almodovar, but Pedro Almodovar doesn't make horror movies. While we're not exactly sure what sparked his transition from female-driven dramas to psychological thrillers, Almodovar knows how to make a movie and we trust in his career moves. Very anxious to see whether the finished product will live up to the creepy trailer.


'Margin Call'

Opens: October 21

Who's In It? Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey, and Jeremy Irons; written and directed by J.C. Chandor.

What's It About? A drama revolving around the investment bankers who first discovered the financial information that ultimately led to the financial crisis of 2008.

Are We Excited? After last year's Oscar-winning documentary 'Inside Job' made us want to dropkick the nearest stock broker in sight, we're already breaking out our stress balls and getting our rage on for this one. It's got an all-star cast, the subject material couldn't be more interesting, and since the US unemployment rate is still at 9.1%, it's also as pertinent as they come.


'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

Opens: October 21

Who's In It? Elizabeth Olsen, John Hawkes, and Sarah Paulson, among others. Written and directed by Sean Durkin.

What's It About? A young girl struggles to piece her life together after joining, and escaping from, a cult.

Are We Excited? Not only are we highly intrigued to see how Elizabeth Olsen (little sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley) fares in her big-screen debut, but we'll see anything with John Hawkes in it after his turn in 'Winter's Bone' last year. Don't know much about first time writer/director Sean Durkin, don't know much about the movie's story either, but the word of mouth has been nothing but positive and we can't wait to see it for ourselves.


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Which indie are you most excited to see this Fall?

'Martha Marcy May Marlene' photos courtesy of Fox Searchlight; 'Take Shelter' and 'The Skin I Live In' photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics; 'Puncture' photos courtesy of Millennium Entertainment; 'Pearl Jam Twenty' photo courtesy of Vinyl Films; 'Margin Call' photo courtesy of the 'Margin Call' Facebook page.
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