Sad news for your inner 11-year-old. On Tuesday, Deadline reported that David Katzenberg and 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' writer Seth Grahame-Smith had signed a two-picture deal with Warner Bros., with eyes on making a sequel to 'Beetlejuice' their first project. Nice effing model! (Honk, honk.) Details are non-existent, but assuming original director Tim Burton and original star Michael Keaton don't return to the cult classic for a second go-around, some fresh casting appears to be in order. Ahead, five actors who could continue to find humor in 'The Exorcist' after viewing 67.
Russell Crowe
Don't laugh: Crowe has the gravitas and menace to play Beetlejuice, and let's face it -- the dude is kinda scary. Crowe hasn't had a chance to really cut loose in any of his roles recently (he's been playing shades of dour since 2006), but he has a winning interview personality and the potential for live-wire energy. He also always looks disheveled, an important Beetlejuice trait.

Seth Rogen
To be fair, Rogen basically already played a variation on Beetlejuice in 'Paul' (albeit an animated and alien one). The gruff-voiced '50/50' star has an eff-it persona similar to the one that made Keaton's undead incarnation brusquely charming -- and hair has the capacity to look appropriately frightened.

Melissa McCarthy
A big part of Beetlejuice is how the character is a whirling dervish of mayhem and destruction. Translation: he's basically a male version of Melissa McCarthy in 'Bridesmaids.' The scene stealer of the summer is already firmly entrenched in Judd Apatow's repertory group, but a bigger breakout is needed. After all, she still counts the derisible 'Mike & Molly' as her day job. Shame, Hollywood!

Donald Glover
Speaking of overdue breakouts: 'Community' MVP Donald Glover is still waiting to vault into superstardom. During the summer of 2010, Glover pushed to become the new Spider-Man over Twitter. Good idea! That effort sadly failed, but the thinking behind it was dead-on: there's no reason Glover shouldn't have a franchise. He'd bring trademark energy and ingenuity to Beetlejuice, but also an added pathos that could make the king of the dead a little more alive.

Michael Keaton
Due respect to those esteemed actors above, there is only one person fit to wear Beetlejuice's red velvet suit: Michael Keaton. The original recipe Beetlejuice was perfectly tailored to Keaton's rant-filled acting histrionics, and, frankly, it's hard to imagine a sequel working without him. That Keaton has become a lost Hollywood property, overdue for what should be an obvious reentry into the mainstream, is only gravy.

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