On the East Coast at least, beer o'clock has arrived. (Pause here for cartoon-y hiccup.) That means it's the perfect time to spy the new poster for 'The Rum Diary' -- especially since said poster is composed of an enormous amount of minibar bottles. Just how many bottles make up the marketing for Johnny Depp's latest attempt at adapting Hunter S. Thompson for the big screen? That's where you come in! Without counting (too easy!), see if you can guess how many tiny bottles compose the poster for 'The Rum Diary.' Carny rules apply; winners receive the knowledge that they won.

If you guessed 50 bottles, you're right! Feel free to bend an elbow in celebration of your victory. (Don't celebrate if you counted the bottles; you know who you are.)

'The Rum Diary' hits theaters on Oct. 28.

[via Yahoo!]
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