You didn't necessarily want a sequel to 'The Human Centipede' -- let alone one ominously sub-titled 'Full Sequence' -- but it's happening. Before the Tom Six-directed film slithers into U.S. theaters on Oct. 7, however, it will enjoy a world premiere as the opening night film for Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Also, there will be a party! (Food will likely be optional.)
In addition to the first screening, Fantastic Fest -- which was also home to the world premiere of 'The Human Centipede: First Sequence' in 2009 -- will host a 'Human Centipede'-themed party. (Because when you think sexually depraved horror involving mouths and butts, you think party.)

Per the Fantastic Fest press release, the festivities will feature "live music from The Charles Edward Cheese band and an attempt to break the world's record for the longest human centipede conga line." Whether or not said conga line will be 100 percent medically accurate remains to be seen.

Watch the trailer for 'Human Centipede 2' below.

[via Coming Soon]

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