One of the many, many films debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival over the next 11 days is 'Ten Year,' a 'Big Chill'-like comedy/drama about a group of high school friends (among them Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie, Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac, Kate Mara, Ron Livingston, Justin Long and Aubrey Plaza) reuniting for their ten year reunion. The first clip from the film has arrived online, and it points to at least one bit of expected reunion awkwardness: the first glimpse of exes. Watch Tatum and Dawson (and Pratt, Mackie, Livingston and Isaac) embrace the cringe ahead.

Early speculations based on those 57 seconds: Tatum's onscreen girlfriend will not know how serious his relationship was with Dawson's character; Livingston will play a slick jerk.

'Ten Year' debuts at TIFF on Sept. 12; it arrives in theaters later this year.

[via indieWIRE/The Playlist]