If you live and breathe 'Rocky,' if you haven't given up on Happy Madison movies, or if you just want to watch the human population get wiped out by a deadly virus, then get excited because Hollywood's got you covered. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, it's hard to say what the masses are going to flock to over the next few days and whether 'The Help' will be able to hold its #1 spot. Read on to see what your options are at the theater this weekend, and weigh in on what you want to see most.


What's It About? Down on their luck and with options running out, two estranged brothers enter the same high-stakes mixed martial arts tournament while repairing old wounds with their once-abusive father.

Who's in It? Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte; directed by Gavin O'Connor; written by Gavin O'Connor, Anthony Tambakis, and Cliff Dorfman.

Where Is It Playing? Nationwide. (Showtimes & Tickets)

What Do We Think of the Movie? It's no Rocky, but it definitely packs a punch. (Read Our '25 Questions' Review | Watch Mr. Moviefone's 6 Second Review | Critics' Reviews)



What's It About? A incurable, infectious disease sweeps across the globe and kills lots of people while the powers that be try to figure out how to stop it.

Who's in It? Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet, and Marion Cotillard; directed by Steven Soderbergh; written by Scott Z. Burns.

Where Is It Playing? Nationwide & IMAX. (Showtimes & Tickets)

What Do We Think of the Movie? Pretty unsettling stuff. (Watch Mr. Moviefone's 6 Second Review | Critics' Reviews)


'Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star'

What's It About? A dimwit from the Midwest finds out that his parents were legendary porn stars, so he travels out West to pursue his destiny by following in their footsteps.

Who's in It? Nick Swardson, Christina Ricci, and Stephen Dorff; directed by Tom Brady (not the quarterback); written by Adam Sandler, Allen Covert, and Nick Swardson.

Where Is It Playing? Nationwide. (Showtimes & Tickets)

What Do We Think of the Trailer? We love Nick Swardson, but since it's a Happy Madison movie, this probably won't be doing him any favors. (Critics' Reviews)



What's It About? A group of teens vacationing in the swamps of Louisiana have to fight for their lives after awakening a bloodthirsty beast from the marshes.

Who's in It? Sig Haig and a bunch of other people you've never heard of; directed by Fred Andrews; written by Fred Andrews and Tracy Morse.

Where Is It Playing? Limited release. (Showtimes & Tickets)

What Do We Think of the Trailer? No matter how many times it reminded us of the title, no matter how hard it tried to give us epilepsy, we're still pretty hesitant about this one. (Critics' Reviews)


'Burke and Hare'

What's It About? A black comedy about two broke British blokes in 19th Century England who start killing people and selling the corpses to a medical researcher. Believe it or not, it's based on a true story.

Who's in It? Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, Isla Fisher, and Tom Wilkinson; directed by John Landis; written by Piers Ashworth and Nick Moorcroft.

Where Is It Playing? Limited release. (Showtimes & Tickets)

What Do We Think of the Trailer? John Landis hasn't been the same since 'Twilight Zone: The Movie,' but we're hoping that this is the movie to get him back on his feet. (Critics' Reviews)


Other Limited Releases:

'Tanner Hall':A drama about a group of girls coming of age in a New England boarding school. Starring Rooney Mara, Georgia King, Tom Everett Scott and Chris Kattan; written and directed by Francesca Gregorini and Tatiana von Furstenberg. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

'Beware the Gonzo': A high school outcast starts an underground newspaper to get back at the jocks and preps who make his life a living hell. Starring Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Jesse McCartney, Campbell Scott, and Amy Sedaris; written and directed by Bryan Goluboff. (Trailer | Critics' Reviews)

'Inside Out': An ex-con gets out of prison and has to take on the mob after his best friend gets him involved with a murder. Starring Triple H, Michael Rapaport, Parker Posey, and Bruce Dern; directed by Artie Mandelberg, written by Dylan Schaffer. (Trailer | Critics' Reviews)

'Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain': A documentary about Kevin Hart's landmark 'Laugh at My Pain' stand-up comedy tour. Starring Kevin Hart and Na'im Lynn; directed by Leslie Small; written by Kevin Hart, Na'im Lynn, and Joey Wells. (Trailer | Critics' Reviews)

'Grave Encounters': A horror movie in the vein of 'The Blair Witch Project' about a crew of TV ghost hunters who go film inside an abandoned mental hospital and soon find themselves fighting to escape. Starring Sean Rogerson and Juan Riedinger; written and directed by The Vicious Brothers. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

'Main Street':A business man strolls into a decrepit town with a plan to bring it back to its former glory. He gets romantically involved with one of the women in town, and a local cop rekindles his feelings for an old flame while trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Starring Orlando Bloom, Colin Firth, Patricia Clarkson, and Amber Tamblyn; directed by John Doyle; written by Horton Foote. (Trailer | Critics' Reviews)

'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan':A romantic comedy about a guy who tries to find a bride for his brother but ends up falling for the perfect girl instead. Starring Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Ali Zafar; written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. (Trailer | Critics' Reviews)

'Shaolin':A martial arts movie about an evil Chinese warlord whose power is stripped when his regime taken over by a subordinate. With nowhere to go and his family dead, he winds up on the doors of a Shaolin temple and decides to become a peaceful monk until his subordinate shows up to kill everyone. Starring Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, and Bingbing Fan; directed by Benny Chan and Wing Shya; written by Alan Yuen, Chi Kwon Cheung, Quiyu Wang, Kam Cheong Chan, and Cheung Tan. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

New York & LA Releases

'The Black Power Mixtape 1967 - 1975': (NY, LA) A documentary about the Black Power movement in America during the '60s and '70s as captured by long lost footage from a team of Swedish film makers. Starring Erykah Badu, Harry Belafonte, and Stokely Carmichael; written and directed by Goran Olsson. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

'The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu': (NY) A documentary about Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceasescu comprised of unseen footage from national archives. Starring Nicolae Ceasescu and Elena Ceasescu; written and directed by Andrei Ujica. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

'Echotone': (NY) A documentary about the clash between the music scene and the residential gentrification in Austin, TX. Starring Dermot Mulroney, Hope Davis, and Christina Hendricks, among others. Starring a lot of underground bands you've probably never heard of; directed by Nathan Christ. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

'One Fall': (LA, NY release on 9/16) A man is granted healing powers after surviving a 200-foot fall off a cliff. Starring Marcus Dean Fuller, Zoe McLellan, and Seamus Mulcahy; directed by Marcus Dean Fuller; written by Marcus Dean Fuller and Richard Greenberg. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

'We Were Here': (LA, NY release on 9/16) A documentary about the start of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, CA during the early 1980s. Directed by David Weissman and Bill Weber. (Trailer | Showtimes & Tickets | Critics' Reviews)

So which movie are you most excited to see this weekend?

'Warrior' photo courtesy of Lionsgate; 'Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star' photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures; 'Contagion' photo courtesy of Warner Bros; 'Tanner Hall' photo courtesy of Anchor Bay Films.
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