The Toronto International Film Festival is always home to major film acquisitions, but this year -- thus far, at least -- things have been relatively quiet. Well, quiet for everyone but Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. 'All Things Fall Apart' -- a drama from director Mario Van Pebbles which 50 Cent co-wrote -- was acquired by Image Entertainment on Friday, making it the second long-on-the-shelf 50 Cent film to find a champion in Toronto; the thriller '13' -- which co-stars Jackson, Sam Riley, Mickey Rourke and Michael Shannon -- was also acquired this week. How will you be able to tell these two apart when you inevitably ignore them sometime next year? Moviefone breaks them down ahead.

'All Things Fall Apart'
Plot: A "straight drama," per THR about a star college football player who finds out he has cancer during his senior year.

Distributor: Image Entertainment, which will release the film theatrically and on VOD in 2012.

Respected actors, slumming: Ray Liotta, as a doctor; Lynn Whitfield as 50's onscreen mother

Remake/adaptation: No, despite the fact that you may think of Nigerian author Chinua Achebe's seminal 1958 book 'Things Fall Apart' when reading the title.

Laughable trailer: Yes.

Plot: A thriller about 13 men embroiled in a shady and violent game of Russian roulette.

Distributor: Anchor Bay, which will likely release the film sometime in 2012.

Respected actors, slumming: Michael Shannon, Ray Winstone, Mickey Rourke. (OK, maybe not Rourke -- he did star in 'Passion Play.')

Remake/adaptation: Yes. Georgian-born director Géla Babluani remade his Sundance award-winning 2005 film '13 Tzameti' for American audiences and watched it sit on the shelf for years.

Laughable trailer: Yes.

[via THR]
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