Welcome back, Michael Keaton. Mr. Beetlejuice himself (last seen in 'The Other Guys' after too long an absence from the big screen) and Michelle Monaghan have signed on to star in 'Penthouse North,' a psychological thriller that Lionsgate is shopping around at the Toronto International Film festival. Directed by Joseph Ruben ('Dreamscape,' 'Sleeping With the Enemy'), the film centers on a photojournalist (Monaghan) haunted by a tragic event who retreats to an upscale New York penthouse, only to be confronted by a smooth but sadistic criminal (Keaton, in a part he can do oh-so-well) looking for a hidden fortune. It begins shooting in Ottawa, Canada, in November. [THR]
Also being shopped at TIFF is 'Europa,' a contemporary sci-fi adventure that will co-star 'District 9's' Sharlto Copley and 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's' Michael Nyqvist. The film centers on "a six-person team of astronauts from various international space stations who are sent by a private sector corporation to be the first manned mission to Jupiter's fourth moon." 'Europa,' which will be directed by Ecuadorian helmer Sebastian Cordero ('Rage,' 'Cronicas'), is set to begin shooting in New York this fall. Eugenio Caballero ('Pan's Labryrinth') is production designer, so the sets should be stupendous. [Deadline]

One movie just picked up at TIFF: '13,' the long-on-the-shelf remake of the 2005 thriller '13 Tzameti' with Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Sam Riley, 50 Cent and Ray Winstone in starring roles. Anchor Bay made the acquisition and will likely give the film some kind of release next year. [Deadline]

Ron Howard still hasn't got 'The Dark Tower' off the ground, but the dude is busy: Deadline reports that he's attached to direct '364,' a superhero film about a man who has powers one day per year and spends the other 364 days planning what he'll do with said powers. Universal will produce with 'Safe House' screenwriting David Guggenheim handling typewriter duties. [Deadline]

James McTeigue ('The Raven') is in talks to direct 'Ness/Capone' for Relativity Media. The film will be about the battle between Eliot Ness and Al Capone, but you probably knew that from the title. [Deadline]