There's been a lot of talk about how hot Henry Cavill is in the skintight 'Man of Steel' suit, but his pants-less look is pulling focus for all the wrong reasons. Showbiz Spy reports that too many comments about Superman's super package are making producers rethink the entire costume. Doubtful, but let's have some fun.
"All everyone's talking about is Superman's crotch and those missing pants," an unnamed movie insider tells the site. "The new look was supposed to create new interest in a classic character but the way things are going Superman may be forced to get his pants back on. It's either that or 'Man of Steel' could be the first R rated Superman movie!" Uh-huh.

And this is the part where we refrain from riffing inappropriately on the film's title. We'll just note that the area seems rather prominently lit. (We're not staring. We swear.)

What do you think? Is the suit too sexy for Superman?

[via Showbiz Spy]

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. and the 'Man of Steel's' Facebook page.