Mixed martial arts -- the hard-hitting, tough-as-nails combat sport that has gained legions of fans in recent years -- will receive an even brighter spotlight this weekend with the release of 'Warrior.' The film -- starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as two down-on-their-luck brothers who enter the ring to raise some cash -- takes the classic underdog sports story and applies it to the brutal game of strikes and submissions. 'Warrior' is sure to spark the curiosity of a few audience members who want to check out the next UFC event, but which real-life warriors are worth following?
Our friends at MMA Fighting interviewed some of the sport's toughest fighters at the recent UFC fight night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to find out who they think is the ultimate "warrior" in mixed martial arts -- and then asked if they would ever fight their own brothers for money.

If you're a new fan looking to check out some great fights, you might want to remember names like Chris Leben and Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera. And you also might want to just stay out of Forrest Griffin's way.
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A war veteran and his estranged brother clash in a mixed-martial-arts tournament. Read More

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