If you had some issues with this weekend's box office champ 'Contagion,' you're not alone. Here at Moviefone HQ, the Steven Soderbergh-directed viral disaster thriller was a hot topic of debate; the science is all accurate (probably), but some of the other details didn't quite sit right. Ahead, the burning questions brought up by 'Contagion' upon leaving the theaters. (Warning: SPOILERS!)
1. If she was so dang contagious, would the hospital really release Gwyneth Paltrow's body to her family?
You couldn't help but feel bad for Matt Damon's character when he was told by a funeral director that they wouldn't accept the bodies of his wife (Paltrow) and stepson because of the risk they posed to the general public. Yet, why did the hospital even release the bodies in the first place? Especially after the autopsy doctors were so alarmed by what they found while cutting into Paltrow's brain. (Also, ewww.)

2. Why was Matt Damon's character immune?
Well, the film didn't explain that -- which was fine. Besides, it would just have resulted in more scientific mumbo-jumbo. What did need an explanation?

3. Why didn't someone steal his immunity wristband?
A thing like that would have been priceless. Maybe no one else knew he had it under that bulky parka, but ...

4. No one broke into his house?
The neighbors next door get gunned down, but Damon and his daughter are spared? Things in Minneapolis didn't look as grim as in San Francisco (where Jude Law's fiery blogger character was), but still, Damon, his house and his daughter look a-OK at film's end.

5. Would the Internet (and electricity, for that matter) still be up?
With 2.5 million deaths in the U.S. alone, mass rioting and a general breakdown in society, it seems unlikely that people would be able to tweet, blog and text whenever they wanted.

6. What does Steven Soderbergh have against bloggers anyway?
Jude Law's anti-government blogger had some valid points: Why make him the villain of the piece?

7. If you were given a tip from a top CDC official, would you post it to Facebook?
Lawrence Fishburne's character gets in hot water for tipping off his fiancee to leave town because the friend she tells then posts the warning to Facebook, citing him as the source. We admire the friend's desire to alert the public, but whoa: way to betray a trust.

8. Did the village where Marion Cotillard was held hostage suddenly become immune?
When she was first brought to the village and shown its scared survivors, they were all wearing scarves over their faces for fear of catching the deadly disease. By the time her ransom was ready to be paid, though, all the scarves were gone. Guess they didn't need those vaccines after all.

9. Whatever happened to the guy Gwyneth Paltrow was sleeping with?
'Contagion' never even showed the guy playing "John Neil," but you have to assume he wasn't feeling so well either. (Update: Big thanks to our readers who pointed out he was the first death in Chicago. A "Mr. Neil" was being wheeled out in a body bag in a quick scene.)

10. Is it too late to become a vegetarian?
OK, that's not a nitpick, just a powerful urge to avoid all pork products from now on. The nitpick is (apart from how someone could kill such adorable piglets): Do pig farmers in Hong Kong really sell their livestock live? Not that it would have made a difference in how the disease was spread, but it definitely made us feel terrible for those little piggies.

Did you notice anything that didn't quite feel right about 'Contagion'? How many times did you wash your hands after the film? Weigh in below.

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