As baseball fans know, the Billy Beane-built Oakland A's teams from the 'Moneyball'-era never won the World Series. (Spoiler alert? The A's topped out at the American League Championship Series in 2006.) That doesn't mean the team wasn't successful, of course, though it does leave the upcoming film 'Moneyball' without a traditional happy ending. Which is sorta why Bennett Miller wanted to make it in the first place.
"I think had they gone to the World Series and won the World Series, there would be no movie there for me," the director told Huffington Post Entertainment during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, where 'Moneyball' premiered. "I think it's, you know, a perfect world as it happened. I was not interested in the convention or the trope of the big victory, of the bright and fast burn of the ultimate triumph of them winning the game, and the excitement and just that ephemeral catharsis. This is not a movie that concedes to those conventions or tropes."

'Moneyball is in theaters on Sept. 23. Check back to Moviefone for more from the film in the lead-up to release.

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