Before Marvel and Paramount released 'Captain America: First Avenger' around the world over the summer, there was some debate about whether the property would translate for foreign audiences. After all, good ol' Cap is a pretty jingoistic superhero and "America" -- a brand that has flagged in the last decade, as you might have noticed -- features prominently in the title. As it turns out, though, none of that mattered to 'First Avenger's' bottom line -- especially not with the third dimension involved. a href="" target="_blank">

THR reports that 'Captain America: First Avenger' actually earned more in foreign territories than it did during its U.S. theatrical run; the Joe Johnston-directed film grossed $178 million internationally, against $173.5 million in domestic returns.

'Captain America's' 3-D up-charge on tickets helped its returns abroad, as did brand recognition. Those factors were really advantageous in Latin America, where the film earned $57 million. By comparison, 'Thor' grabbed $54 million in Latin America, but still won the international crown from 'Captain America' with $267 million in foreign ticket sales.

All of which is to say: Marvel better invest in a fleet of Brink's trucks before 'The Avengers' comes out next summer.

[via THR]

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