As his years of producing have proven, Harvey Weinstein is an expert when it comes to the politics of Oscar season. However, with the GOP debates in full swing and his latest film 'Butter,' a political satire, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, Weinstein decided that now was the time to speak up about actual politics -- at least with regard to Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.
Though not present at the 'Butter' premiere last night, Weinstein had the film's co-star Olivia Wilde deliver the following remarks to the TIFF crowd:
In 20 years of coming to the Toronto Film Festival, I've never released a statement for a film. But I would like to take this moment to formally invite Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to co-host with me the big premiere of 'Butter' in Iowa in a few months from now. I know Michele will already be in Iowa for the caucus, so we can save some money on airfare and travel. I would, of course, be more than happy to fly in the other leading members of the Tea Party movement to make an entire day of it.

We could take some math classes in the morning to help balance the budget, brush up on the Constitution in the afternoon, play some ping-pong, and then maybe some verbal ping-pong on gay rights and women's rights (especially the right to choose). But at night we can all go hand-in-hand to the premiere of 'Butter,' a fun and important film where we'll share some popcorn and laughs. These are the kind of bipartisan effort that makes America great.

I look forward to hearing from Michele, and I'm particularly looking forward to those classes on the Constitution.

All my best, Harvey.
'Butter' (hitting theaters on Oct. 28) stars Jennifer Garner as a Midwestern housewife who will stop at nothing to reclaim her husband's former glory as the local butter-carving champion. Per THR, the story is a clear jab at the American political process, with Garner playing a dead ringer for Bachmann. Definitely an inspired way to promote a film, but something tells us Bachmann won't be RSVPing.

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