If the sight of Bill Condon's name on the 'Breaking Dawn' credits has you scratching your head, just imagine how itchy your scalp would be if Gus Van Sant was the film's director. It almost happened, and in a new interview with Movieline, Van Sant explains his somewhat surprising 'Twilight' interest.
Said Van Sant to Movieline:

['Breaking Dawn'] was this really big pop extravaganza. Then I thought it would be interesting to try and go in there and direct one. [...] I think you could probably make it interesting. But I'm not sure, if I'd done it, what it would look like. It might have become similar to the others. I'm sure it would have in some ways. [... T]hey were really different, those films. I think I saw all three. The first one was Catherine Hardwicke; it was very... malleable. It had all these different things about it. But then the second one was different. And then I saw three, and that was different. So I realized that in the style you directed it, you could make it into something that was your own."

Judging from the newest trailer for 'Breaking Dawn Part 1,' Condon certainly added some of his own flare to the proceedings; the latest 'Twilight' looks to maximize the melodrama in ways the previous three films necessarily did not. (Hard to believe, but still: watch the trailer and gape with awe.) Alas, how Van Sant would have handled Bella's womb-tearing pregnancy will forever remain unknown.

Van Sant's next film, 'Restless' with Mia Wasikowska, is out in limited release on Friday.

[via Movieline]

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