Rappers feuding with each other is nothing new, but rappers feuding with famous novelists? There's a first time for everything, apparently. Rapper/actor/entrepreneur Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson recently ran into a little legal trouble over the name of this upcoming movie, 'All Things Fall Apart' (which, surprise, made Moviefone's list of Upcoming Terrible 50 Cent Movies).
In the Mario Van Peebles-directed flick, Jackson plays a college football player diagnosed with cancer (he apparently lost 54 pounds for the role). Problem is, Chinua Achebe, considered one of Africa's greatest writers, wrote a book of the same name more than 50 years ago. (It's pretty famous; you may have heard of it.)

According to Achebe's camp, Jackson allegedly offered a $1 million payment to retain the title rights, but was summarily shot down. "[It] won't be sold for even £1bn," Achebe's reps said. (For reference, $1 billion pounds translates to almost $1.5 billion U.S. dollars.)

The newly named 'All Things Fall Apart' should arrive in theaters sometime next year.

[via The Guardian]

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