If you haven't already heard, director Fede Alvarez is teaming up with writers Sam Raimi, Diablo Cody, and Rodo Sayagues for a remake of 'The Evil Dead' in 2013. Most of the updates on the project thus far have come from the original film's star, Bruce Campbell, and while he's had nothing but good things to say as of late, this latest news is a tad concerning.
In response to a fan's question over who'll be cast as the new Ash -- the original film's iconic central character that Campbell brought to life -- Campbell replied via Twitter yesterday, "No Ash character currently." In an effort to further clarify how the movie is coming along, Campbell said, "Last statement: ED remake is a re-telling. All bets are off & all involved love the new approach."

Nice to have some reassurance from Ash himself, but hard to image an 'Evil Dead' movie without Ash's prosthetic chainsaw and groovy one-liners. Here's to hoping the writers know what they're doing.

[via @GroovyBruce]
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