At this point, you've probably pretty much given up wondering why James Franco does anything -- whether it's doing a half-assed job of hosting the Oscars, returning to 'General Hospital' or dropping out of his Broadway debut -- but you have to wonder about his next project, which he announced while promoting his documentary about Gus Van Sant. Franco plans to direct the seemingly unfilmable tale of a murdering necrophiliac, 'Child of God' by 'No Country For Old Men' author Cormac McCarthy.
During a Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival for his 'Memories of Idaho' doc on Van Sant, Franco said that his previously announced adaptation of McCarthy's 'Blood Meridian' is on hold, but he's shifted his focus to another McCarthy novel, 'Child of God.'

The 1973 novel is about a misfit in rural Tennessee whose unspeakable crimes are supposedly based on an unnamed historical figure, according to the author.

In case you missed it, the Franco-directed feature about Sal Mineo ('Sal') just debuted at the Venice Film Festival. He also directed and starred in 'The Broken Tower,' about American poet Hart Crane.

Franco also plans to direct a documentary about and another about his time on the soap 'General Hospital,' which he keeps returning to for some reason.

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