Jerry Seinfeld screaming, "Shut up, you old bag!" as he steals a loaf of marble rye is possibly how you best remember Frances Bay. If not that, it's probably as Happy Gilmore's grandmother in the Adam Sandler cult favorite. Bay died on Saturday at the age of 92. The Los Angeles Times reports that she had been "ill with various infections."
Bay's acting career began later in life -- she was already in her late 50s -- with a role in the 1978 post-'SNL' Chevy Chase vehicle, 'Foul Play.' Over the next 23 years, Bay would appear in projects as wide-ranging as David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet' to the sitcom 'ALF.'

Most recently, Bay had appeared in the ABC comedy, 'The Middle,' as Aunt Ginny. But let's remember her now, once again, with this clip from Seinfeld.

[via LAT]
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