Jason Bateman had quite a mainstream summer, so a return to quieter indie projects seems fairly appropriate. Variety reports that Bateman is in final negotiations to star opposite Olivia Wilde in 'The Longest Week' and Alexander Skarsgard in 'Disconnect.' ("You've gotta lock that down," said Michael Bluth about the negotiations.) 'Week' would find Bateman playing a spoiled rich heir who loses his home and inheritance within the span of one week, while also finding love; 'Disconnect' is an ensemble drama about how the Internet affects people's lives. Not that the beloved star is eschewing big comedies now: Bateman's attached to 'I.D. Theft' with Melissa McCarthy and 'The In-Sane Laws' with Vince Vaughn. [Variety]
Add 'Smashed' to your list of highly anticipated releases. Mary Elizabeth Winstead ('Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'), Aaron Paul (TV's 'Breaking Bad'), Nick Offerman (TV's 'Parks and Recreation') and Octavia Spencer ('The Help') are in negotiations to join the drama, which is loosely based on Blake Edwards's 1962 film 'Days of Wine and Roses.' Winstead and Paul would play an alcoholic married couple put to the test when the wife decides to get sober. Spencer and Offerman would play a friend and co-worker of Winstead, respectively. [Variety]

Sad news for 'Terminator' fans hoping 'Fast Five' director Justin Lin would get a shot at the franchise reboot. Because of his commitments to the 'Fast Five' sequel ('Fastest Six'?), Lin has been forced to leave the Arnold Schwarzenegger-led film. But! Lin would return to director 'Terminator' if the production waited until after he finished with the next installment of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. Production is scheduled to begin late next year, so don't hold your breath waiting for a resolution. [Deadline]

Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness audience award winner 'The Raid' is potentially getting the reboot treatment. Screen Gems is negotiating for the rights to the Indonesian action spectacular. [THR]

"It's 'The Hangover' for old men!" said a Hollywood executive at one point. Jon Turteltaub will direct 'Last Vegas' for CBS Films; the project follows a group of friends in their late 60s to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. [Deadline]

Here's how your trade-news sausage is made. [The Hot Blog]

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