If you were Arnold Schwarzenegger, what would you call your memoir? It would have to be something juicy -- after all, you just got caught with a love child. Hmm...how about naming it after one of your famous movies?
Good call! The former governor of California plans on titling his upcoming memoir, 'Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.' Before you groan at the idea of a Schwarzenegger-penned book bearing the name of his 1990 sci-fi actioner (marketing idea: "Get your ass... to the bookstore!") note that the title could be worse. Ahnold could have named the book something like, 'Collateral Damage,' 'Predator,' or even 'Happy Anniversary and Goodbye.'

(We didn't make that last one up -- it was a 1974 TV movie Schwarzenegger starred in.)

[via EW]

Image courtesy of AP
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