There's a general assumption that Brad Pitt's career began in 1991 with the release of 'Thelma & Louise.' It's not really surprising that Pitt -- who stars in this weekend's 'Moneyball' -- had a career before his turn as the handsome criminal who steals Louise's life savings. It is surprising just how many roles he played before finally breaking through. It's always interesting to look back at the origin of an actor because while some roles are inevitably embarrassing, others offer a glimpse of what is yet to come. With William Bradley Pitt, his origin starts in Big D.
'Dallas' (1987)
Pitt plays Andy, a polite young Dallas resident who tries to take the full blame for the promiscuous relationship he has with a girlfriend. As a result, no more "studying in the bedroom," if you know what I mean. But he learns a lesson! He learns that it's not about fault, it's about being responsible for his actions. This lesson will serve Pitt well in the aftermath of 'Meet Joe Black.'

'21 Jump Street' (1988)
Pitt sports pretty much the same haircut he does today in this episode of the Johnny Depp favorite. (Note: Not related to Pitt, but if you want to see an example of terrible overacting, pay attention at the 25-second mark.) Also, why does nobody make a bigger deal about Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp being in the same scene?

'A Stoning in Fulham County' (1988)
According to IMDb, the plot of this movie is this: "Religious beliefs clash with the law when an Amish infant is killed in a rural community." Which kind of sounds like 'Witness.' Only it's a made-for-TV movie starring Brad Pitt, so perhaps it should be called 'Pittness.' Remember the scene near the end 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' when Pitt disappears for a while -- and then when he returns, he's a teenager with flowing locks? That is exactly how Pitt looks in this movie.

'Dark Side of the Sun' (1988)
Brad Pitt moved to Hollywood from Missouri, so that might explain the St. Louis Cardinals cap that he's wearing in this clip. Unfortunately, it doesn't help explain anything else that's going on as Pitt gets the living crap beat out of him. Eleven years later, Pitt would need to learn to fight much better than this for his starring role in 'Seven Years in Tibet.' Wait, strike that: 'Fight Club.' (Sorry, I always get those two movies confused.)

'Growing Pains' (1989)
New kid in school Brad Pitt makes the moves on Carol Seaver (starting at 1:25), going as far to even compare himself to James Dean. It's always interesting to take a peek at this world that we used to live in, where Kirk Cameron was a much bigger star than Brad Pitt.

'Cutting Class (1989)
Pitt's first lead role in a movie. Roddy McDowall is also in this movie, for some reason. Oddly, 'Cutting Class' is a horror movie involving a recently released mental patient named Brian who returns to his local high school to wreak havoc like only former mental patients can do. Pitt plays Dwight, who has never been in a mental institution, as far as we know. But he does invoke the wrath of Brian for having the audacity to go steady with the girl that Brian happens to like, too. Don't worry, Brad, only two more years until 'Thelma & Louise'!

'thirtysomething' (1989)
Pitt plays Bernard in this clip. Bernard likes to sit on motorcycles and make out with girls. Bernard is clearly not in the demographic that makes up the title of this show.

'Glory Days' (1990)
After Pitt's appearance on Fox's '21 Jump Street,' Pitt was offered a starring vehicle of his own with 'Glory Days' -- and that wound up lasting only six episodes. As this commercial states, "They're the best of friends, at the best times of their life." Awesome. Sounds like a show about very happy people at a very happy time in their lives with no conflict whatsoever. Many years later this show would air again under the title 'Entourage.'

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