Even turning 50 and making serious Oscar-type movies, hasn't slowed down George Clooney's famous on-set pranking. 'Ides of March' co-star Ryan Gosling revealed that the seemingly highbrow actor loves to indulge in lowbrow gags: "He will come up to you and tell you something very serious, and then you walk away and you realize your pants are wet. He's had like an Evian spray bottle. He's been spraying your crotch the whole time." Judging by how friendly these guys were at TIFF, we doubt Gosling minded too much. But has anyone ever found a way to get back at Clooney?
In a new 'Parade' cover story, Clooney admits his 'Ocean's Eleven' co-stars have managed some pranking of their own:

"My friends are rough on me, too," he says to the magazine. "Brad Pitt's brutal, and Matt Damon. My friends used to change my outgoing phone message all the time. This was the old days, when you had a phone machine. They would change the message to something horrible and there was nothing I could do to change it back. That was always brilliant."

Among Clooney's classic pranks: Slapping a "Small Penis On Board" bumper sticker on Pitt's car, filling a passed-out producers pants with M&Ms and surprising his friends by leaving photos of his penis (with sunglasses on) in their cameras. Phone hackers take note. Or has Clooney wisely refrained from sending old-school X-rated photos via those newfangled cell phones?

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