Remember when rock stars produced supermodel children? Keith Richards spawned catwalk queens Theodora and Alexandra. Keith's bandmate Mick Jagger produced international supermodel Lizzy Jagger. This phenomenon extends beyond The Rolling Stones, believe it or not. Look no further than Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon's daughter Amber as proof. It probably doesn't hurt that all of these children of rock stars had a little help from their mothers' genes -- their mamas are all supermodels.
But there's a new trend among daughters of famous musicians. Many of them are breaking into acting, and are doing quite well at it. Look at Lily Collins. Who'd have thought that "Another Day in Paradise" crooner Phil Collins would one day spawn Hollywood's latest It-Girl? You may remember her as Sandra Bullock's daughter in 'The Blind Side,' the role that first brought her into the spotlight.

Since then, she's won the coveted title role in 'Snow White' opposite Julia Roberts, and this week, you can catch her in 'Abduction,' an action thriller co-starring 'Twilight' hunk Taylor Lautner.

And she isn't the first daughter of a pop star to make a splash in Hollywood. With that in mind, here's a list of the top five actresses who have a famous musical dad (or granddad). I'm guessing model/artist/brooding teenager Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, won't be far behind.

Zoe Kravitz: There's no denying that Zoe won the gene pool lottery. It appears as though her ridiculously beautiful parents, actress Lisa Bonet and rock star Lenny Kravitz, passed along more than just good looks. The young Kravitz (and rumored girlfriend of Michael Fassbender) can sing and act (and model, obviously. I mean, look at her). She most recently appeared alongside Fassbender in X-Men: First Class.

Rashida Jones: Quirky, funny, down-to-earth Rashida is nothing like what you may expect the daughter of a music tycoon as powerful as Quincy Jones to be. Maybe it's that endearing, relatable quality that has helped her movie career take off. She shone as Paul Rudd's cool fiancé in 'I Love You Man,' and she charms again as Zooey Deschanel's hipster-lawyer girlfriend in this summer's 'My Idiot Brother.'

Liv Tyler: Who knew Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler's lips could actually look good on a woman? Lucky for Liv, Tyler's oversize features work incredibly well when balanced on her delicate face. Looks aside, Liv has proven time and again that she has the acting chops to back up her famous last name. My favorite Liv role to date? Corey the goody-goody with a secret in 'Empire Records.'

Riley Keough: It's pretty much impossible for Elvis Presley's granddaughter to have a normal life, isn't it? So it's probably for the best that Lisa Marie's daughter is embracing a life in the limelight, first as a model and now as an actress starring in flicks like 'The Runaways.' Up next? 'The Good Doctor' with Orlando Bloom.

Miley Cyrus
: Say what you will about Miley, but she can actually act. After all, being the daughter of Achy Breaky crooner Billy Ray Cyrus doesn't exactly come along with the same privileges and connections as say, being Bruce and Demi's daughter would. Hanna Montana is probably still her best role, but she wasn't too bad exercising her dramatic muscles in 'The Last Song.' Her devoted fans will be able to catch her on the big screen again in the spring in 'LOL,' co-starring (coincidentally) Demi Moore.