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may be very proud of his work in 'Abduction,' but critics don't necessarily feel the same way. The John Singleton-directed action thriller is currently rocking a 6 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is even worse than critical punching bags 'The Smurfs,' 'Zookeeper' and 'Shark Night 3D.' Of the 32 reviewers linked on Rotten Tomatoes, only two gave 'Abduction' a positive notice. Or did they?
The pair of Fresh reviews for 'Abduction' are credited to Andrew L. Urban and Louise Keller, writers for the same Australian web site: Urban Cinefile. Kinda weird, right? Even weirder is the blurb credited to Keller, posted right next to a big, red Fresh tomato:

The plot is so preposterous that the details hardly matter except to say that there are extravagant stunts, splashy action sequences and a taylor-made romance (sorry, couldn't resist) between Lautner and Lily Collins.

Two thumbs up? It gets worse in Keller's actual review, which closes with the following zinger:

All in all, Abduction is corny teen-fare for the undiscerning.

To be fair, Urban is much more excited about the film, though his review is of the capsule variety.

The notion of discovering a secret about yourself on the internet is a great premise on which to build a thriller, especially one whose central character is a teen. Twilight-launched Taylor Lautner gets his first genuine, gold plated leading role as Nathan, the teen who discovers that he was adopted by the people he thought were his parents.

Urban Cinefile states that Urban's review will post in full on Sept. 25. Meaning, as of this moment, 'Abduction' doesn't technically have any positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check back to Moviefone for more on the critical response to 'Abduction' as reviews warrant.

[via Rotten Tomatoes]

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