As you may have noticed, Pixar has come down with a fairly significant case of sequelitis in the last few years. There's 'Toy Story 3' (and maybe 'Toy Story 4'), 'Cars 2' and the upcoming 'Monster's Inc.' prequel, 'Monsters University.' (Sequel, prequel; what's the difference?) Somewhat surprisingly, the second-highest grossing Pixar film ever, 'Finding Nemo,' is not scheduled for continuation. Star Albert Brooks has an idea to change that.
"I guess they'll never make another 'Nemo,'" the 'Drive' star -- and potential Oscar nominee -- told Kris Tapley at HitFix. "I see they're making another 'Monsters, Inc.' I had a wonderful idea for them. I swear to God I think there could be a great sequel to 'Nemo' where the fish never will leave home. He just won't leave. 'Getting Rid of Nemo.' Right, 'You're 30 years old! Get out of here!'"

Hilars. Brooks can be seen in 'Drive' now, and he'll co-star in the tentatively titled 'This Is Forty,' Judd Apatow's follow-up/continuation of 'Knocked Up.'

[via HitFix/In Contention]

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Finding Nemo
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December 2, 2016
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