You can assume the conversation between director Doug Liman and Warner Bros., regarding Liman's film 'Luna,' went a little something like this: "Hey Doug, we're shutting down your space heist movie, 'Luna' ... Oh that upsets you? Well, how about we have Brad Pitt star in that alien invasion flick of yours that's been sitting on the shelf?" And that, ladies and gentleman, is an example of a studio messing with someone's emotions. a href="" target="_blank">

Vulture is reports that Liman's $100 million project, 'Luna' -- which was potentially set to star Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans -- isn't going to happen after a financier backed out of the film. However, what the director may get in return is a chance to make his film 'All You Need Is Kill' with Brad Pitt as the star. (At least Warner Bros. wants Pitt for the lead -- no word on whether he will accept.)

'All You Need Is Kill' is based on the popular manga comic, which focuses on a man who is killed during an alien invasion, only to awake the next day and live it all over again. It's like 'Groundhog Day' without groundhogs!

[via Vulture]

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