'Dolphin Tale,' in theaters today, is the tale (get it?) of a brave dolphin that lost its tail (get it?). Here at Moviefone HQ, a day doesn't go by where we don't reminisce about are favorite fictional dolphins. So, as a special Friday treat, we decided to share a little something about ourselves with you loyal readers. Ahead, our comprehensive list of each staff members favorite fictional dolphins. No need to say it, but: you're welcome.
Christopher Rosen: Flipper

Eric Larnick: That dolphin from 'Seaquest DSV.' What was its name?

Alex Suskind: Is Flipper taken? Yeah? I don't know... the dolphins from Titanic?

Mike Ryan: No question, Jabberjaw.

[Ed. Note: Jabberjaw was a shark, not a dolphin.]

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Dolphin Tale
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