You may have scoffed when DreamWorks started planning the sequel to 'Real Steel' back in April, but with the Hugh Jackman-led film generating some fairly excellent pre-release buzz, it now seems prescient. "The studio's faith is very strong," director Shawn Levy told The Playlist. Even 'Night at the Museum' didn't test like this. People were cheering in a movie theater. The last time I remember that happening was in 'Rocky III' with Clubber Lang or even against Drago in 'Rocky IV.' So we got that kind of visceral reaction from audiences and the studio not only took the bullish move of developing a sequel and asking me to sign on but then also didn't deny it when it leaked in the press. That was a show of confidence that hopefully we will reward." Levy says part two will focus on the continuing story of Jackman, his onscreen son, and their boxing robot. [indieWIRE/The Playlist]
You know how future 'Robocop' director Jose Padhila was quoted as saying he wants Michael Fassbender to star in his reboot of the Paul Verhoeven classic? About that. "I love Fassbender" he told Movieline, "but that's a funny thing. I love a lot of actors and I was giving this interview for a Dutch newspaper because 'The Enemy Within' was opening in Holland, and the guy was like, 'You've got to say, who's going to be RoboCop?' But I like a lot of American actors! I like Fassbender, I like Chris Pine! Then he printed that I liked Fassbender. I love Fassbender but I haven't even discussed 'RoboCop' with him. He's great. There are a lot of great actors." You don't say. [Movieline]

Hot rumor alert: Blake Lively has reportedly been offered the leading role in 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.' [Twitch]

If you were stoked to see Julia Ormond in 'Man of Steel,' some bad news: Deadline reports that actress Ayelet Zurer ('Munich,' 'Angels & Demons') has replaced Ormond as Superman's Krytonian mother. No word on why director Zack Snyder decided to make the last-minute casting change. [Deadline]

Did Morgan Freeman's anti-Tea Party rant on Friday night affect the box office numbers for 'Dolphin Tale'? "I do not believe it affected 'Dolphin Tale's' gross by even one dollar!" Alcon Entertainment co-founder Andrew Kosove told Deadline. [Deadline]

Here are some more pictures of Anne Hathaway in her 'Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman suit. Nice ears! [Slashfilm]

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