China is a huge market for American films, so what do you do with a movie that could potentially offend the people that live there? Change all the Chinese characters to North Koreans, of course! At least that's what the producers of 'Red Dawn' did, after MGM decided to pass on the film in 2009. Now, according to the LA Times, the movie has reportedly found a distributor in FilmDistrict. a href="">

'Red Dawn' is a remake of the 1984 invasion movie starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen (the enemies in that flick were the Soviet Union). The new version stars Chris Hemsworth, 'Hunger Games' star Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and likely won't hit theaters until 2012.

[via LA Times]

Red Dawn
PG-13 2012
Based on 33 critics

Young guerrillas fight back when foreign troops invade U.S. soil. Read More

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