It sucks being an unpaid intern. For starters, you aren't paid. You're also often forced to do work that has absolutely nothing to do with your career path (serving coffee, picking up lunch, taking out the trash). Most interns are too afraid to speak up about this -- or too busy playing xBox to care -- which is why they may want to learn from these former Fox Searchlight interns. Two individuals who worked on 'Black Swan' have filed suit against the studio, claiming that the company violated minimum wage and overtime laws.
According to the New York Times, the lawsuit states that Fox Searchlight "had the interns do grunt work that should have been done by paid employees and did not provide them with the type of educational experience that labor rules require to exempt the company from paying interns."

One of the plaintiffs added that "his responsibilities included preparing coffee for the production office, ensuring that the coffee pot was full, taking and distributing lunch orders for the production staff, taking out the trash and cleaning the office."

Head on over to the NY Times to read all the details regarding the lawsuit.

Image courtesy of Fox Searchlight

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