In this Friday's 'Dream House,'Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play a married couple who move into a creepy, mysterious house where a series of grisly murd... honestly, more people are talking about what happened behind-the-scenes of 'Dream House.' In November of last year, Weisz split with longtime fiance (and father to her son) director Darren Aronoskfy; by Christmas, it was reported that she was now dating her 'Dream House' husband; in June, life imitated art, and the two were married in a private ceremony.

The timeline between events fits a little snugly, and the duo have been hounded by rumors that their affair began during the filming of 'Dream House' -- and before Weisz's engagement to Aronofsky was officially over. As shocking as it may seem, this is actually old hat for Hollywood, and now Daniel Craig has a lot more in common with Clark Gable than he may realize. To celebrate Tinseltown's grand tradition of actors reportedly leaving their partners for their co-stars, Moviefone has a look at some of the most notorious relationship shake-ups in history.


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A family is unaware that its new home was once the scene of a gruesome multiple homicide. Read More