The last time you thought of 'The English Patient' was probably because you happened to pass that 'Seinfeld' rerun which features the Oscar-winning film prominently (it's fittingly called 'The English Patient'). For producer Saul Zaentz however, the film remains on the top of his Google Task list: he's suing Miramax and Disney for lost profits. And it isn't the first time.
Deadline reports:

[Zaentz] is accusing the studios of blatant self-dealing and manipulation and mistating the movie's revenue by millions in order to enrich itself - but not Zaentz - as well as deceptive and unfair accounting practices in connection with the movie.

If this sounds even a little bit familiar, that's probably because you remember reading that Zaentz filed a similar lawsuit against Miramax and Disney back in 2006. That lawsuit was dismissed.

[via Deadline]

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