Despite record-breaking box office, it's likely some viewers (cough, this one) left 'The Hangover Part II' wondering if the film could be brought up on criminal charges for merely existing. The good news: apparently it can! At least in Utah. On Thursday, state liquor control commissioners approved a $1,627 fine against the bar Brewvies for screening the Todd Phillips-directed film because it violated state laws which "forbid bars and clubs from showing images of certain sex acts and full frontal nudity."

Per the Salt Lake Tribune:

Scenes that ran afoul of Utah's liquor laws show full female, male and transvestite nudity. Other culpable scenes show the photo of a sex act in the movie's credits, and a monkey chewing on a plastic water bottle strategically placed beneath a monk's robes, state officials said.

Unfortunately for Brewvies (great bar name), the violation arose because a local strip club -- which repeatedly violated Utah liquor laws regarding sexual images on film -- tattled on the bar to the Utah Highway Patrol's liquor control team. Of course, since the film was shown in Utah theaters all summer, this does feel a bit hypocritical -- at least to newly appointed commissioner Constance White: "I'm struggling with the concept that an adult beverage may be served but an adult movie cannot be shown at the same time."

This is the first alcohol violation for Brewvies.

[via Salt Lake Tribune]

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