Starting today, 'Inception,' Fast Five' and 'Star Trek' are returning to IMAX screens around the country for one week only. For only $7, you can catch these three blockbusters on the big big-screen as part of AMC Theatres' IMAX Big Movie Week. That's a helluva lot cheaper than most first-run IMAX movies, so go watch those dreams collapse, tires screech, and James T. Kirk get it on at warp speed from now until Oct. 6.
These three films were previously shown in IMAX, but never for the low price of $7 per ticket. Not that any of these films need an extra boost at the box-office: 'Fast Five' grossed $609 million worldwide when it was released in April, 'Inception' racked up $825 million in 2010, and 'Star Trek' grossed $385 million in May 2009.

[via THR]

photo courtesy Warner Bros.
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