It isn't just your friendly Moviefone editors who enjoy the hell out of '50/50': the dramedy featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as cancer-stricken Adam and Seth Rogen as his best friend currently owns a 92 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a mere three percentage points away from where the critically beloved 'Moneyball' rated last week. That's great! Even the negative reviews aren't that negative -- well, except one. "In the pantheon of tastelessness designed to make you laugh at diarrhea, menstruation, masturbation, yeast infections, fellatio and worse, you can now add a stupid horror called '50/50.'" Tell us how you really feel, Rex Reed!
Oh, that's right: You did.

In this movie, even the doctors are stupid. Adam's oncologist is only 24. 'What are you? Doogie Howser?' he asks incredulously. Doctor: 'Who?' Adam: 'Doogie Howser. The teenage doctor.' Oncologist: 'Does he work here?' These are the jokes, folks.

[Note: the "oncologist" mentioned above is actually a therapist, but who's counting?]

It's not just the film that Reed loathed -- his scathing pan in the New York Observer also reserves a special place of burning hatred for Rogen.

Can Seth Rogen play anything else? I think they write disgusting moron parts for him in case Zach Galifianakis or Jack Black are busy playing other disgusting moron roles elsewhere, and he plays them all the same way.

Yeahhhhhh. Needless to say, Reed advocates walking out of '50/50' in lieu of actually making it through to the end. Guess it won't appear on his year-end best list.

For more on '50/50,' check out Mike Ryan's 25 Questions about the film. (Spoiler: he liked it a lot more than Rex Reed.)

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