As Kathryn Bigelow deals with wacky congressmen trying to stop her Osama Bin Laden/SEAL Team Six movie, one studio is set to launch their own SEAL flick. Relativity's 'Act of Valor,' which features real footage of active Navy SEALs, follows an elite team of soliders who attempt to stop a deadly terrorist attack against the United States. The plot takes the SEAL team from Chechnya to the Philippines to Somalia to Mexico.
The real selling point of this film is obviously the fact that the directors got unprecedented access to active SEALs.

"We believe the authenticity of 'Act of Valor' will transcend demographic, race and political lines," Mike McCoy, the film's director, told THR back in June. "We hope viewers will get a rare glimpse into the SEAL community and that their lives will be as enriched by the experience as ours have been."

'Act of Valor' hits theaters in February 2012.

Act Of Valor
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Navy SEALs uncover a terrorist plot against the U.S. during a mission to rescue a captive CIA agent. Read More

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