Just in from Deadline: Paramount has acquired an untitled project from director J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Billy Ray ('State of Play') that's being described as "a mystery adventure." Fantastic! Also, kinda vague! Ahead, five possible "mystery adventures" that this mystery project could follow.
1. A young Ohio boy finds a treasure map at the gravesite of his recently deceased mother. With his four friends in tow (the fat one, the dorky one, the crazy one, the pretty girl), the boy must find what he assumes is the last message his mother left -- a task made more difficult by his angry father, romantic feelings for his pretty-girl friend, and what could be a giant monster living in the woods. Michael Giacchino writes the score.

2. After a plane crash leaves five survivors on a deserted island, mysterious connections between each person begin to reveal themselves. Are they trapped on the island for a purpose? And what's that noise coming from the woods? Michael Giacchino writes the score.

3. A young pilot who has trouble living up to the past heroism of his deceased father gets lost in the woods near his base and runs into his... father. Michael Giacchino writes the score.

4. Four twentysomething friends in Los Angeles are having the time of their life until a monster crawls out of the Hollywood Hills and starts destroying the city. Michael Giacchino writes the score.

5. Noises. Woods. Mystery. Michael Giacchino.

Feel free to leave your own interpretation in the comments below!

[via Deadline]

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