As the endless barrage of Ryan Gosling interviews, subway posters and viral videos have no doubt informed you, 2011 is The Year of The Gos. The Oscar nominee, once famous for his lack of work -- he didn't appear onscreen for three years before the 2010 releases 'All Good Things' and 'Blue Valentine' -- will star in his third movie since the end of July when 'The Ides of March' opens on Friday. The George Clooney-directed political thriller focuses on Gosling's Stephen Myers, an idealistic young everyman who slowly starts to lose his moral compass during a presidential campaign. The film wants you to feel for Stephen as he drifts further and further away from his true self, a character arc that would be a whole lot easier to swallow if Stephen wasn't played by Ryan Gosling. To paraphrase 'Almost Famous': his looks have become a problem.
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