Johnny Depp is one of the ten biggest stars on the planet -- the type of actor who gets paid "stupid money" to appear in blockbusters like 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' and the actually happening 'The Lone Ranger.' Mr. Brainwash is not one of the ten biggest stars on the planet, though if you're a fan of the Banksy documentary 'Exit Through the Gift Shop,' spotting the eccentric artist in public would probably be the source of much excitement. What do these two men have in common? Not much! But that didn't stop them from being photographed at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Help Moviefone caption this epic meeting ahead.
That's artist Domingo Zapata on the right of the bearded Mr. Brainwash, and actor/artist Jordi Molla on Depp's left (artist Antonio Del Prito is on the end). Depp and Mr. Brainwash (real name: Thierry Guetta) were at the Chateau Marmont for the Haute Living art exhibit. They look chummy, no? Wonder if they talked about their stylish hats.

The floor is yours, dear Moviefone readers! Caption away below.

[Photos: Mark Sullivan/WireImage]

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