You might not know who Alan Turing is at the moment, but if this project comes together, it's expected you will by the 2014 Academy Awards ceremonies. Probably. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. outbid six other indie film companies for first-time screenwriter Graham Moore's 'The Imitation Game,' a spec script that Leonardo DiCaprio has the "inside track" to lead to the big screen with Ron Howard "interested" in directing. Why is a biopic on Turing so interesting to some of Hollywood's biggest talents?
Oscars! Also, it's juicy: Turing was an "English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist" who was prosecuted for being homosexual in 1952, when England still had laws against same-sex relations. He's also called the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. Tragically, he took his own life by eating a cyanide laced apple -- an event which reportedly spurred Steve Jobs to name his then-new computer company Apple as a tribute to Turing). Said a source to Deadline, the script is like '"The King's Speech' without the huge uplifting ending." No kidding.

As of now, there is no timetable for the film or anyone actually officially attached. Still, you can spend the next few minutes daydreaming about the possibilities of 'The Imitation Game' with Howard and DiCaprio as the driving creative forces. If Leo doesn't get an Oscar for 'J. Edgar,' perhaps this is his next best shot...

[via Deadline]

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