Aaron Eckhart tells Moviefone he can't wait to slip into the skin of one of cinema's most famous misunderstood monsters, in his next film, 'I, Frankenstein.' Just don't expect the iconic nuts-and-bolts version from the Boris Karloff films, a look that was copyrighted by Universal. What will Eckhart's Frankenstein look like? "I really have no idea," he says. "I just signed on without even seeing it. I don't know what the make-up's going to be." One thing he's sure of: "He's a grotesque beyond belief being."
Speaking Wednesday at the 'Rum Diary' junket (check back later for interviews with Eckhart and co-star Amber Heard) Eckhart said he was initially dismissive of the idea. "I mean, I don't just jump off and do Frankenstein movies, but I read this and I thought, 'I actually really like this movie. It's a new take on Frakenstein.'"

Even though he kept pronouncing it as "Fronk-en-shteen" as Gene Wilder did in 'Young Frankenstein,' Eckhart promises that this won't be a lighthearted romp. The actor says it will draw inspiration from the original novel by Mary Shelley, although it won't be a straight adaptation like the 1994 film starring Robert De Niro.

"The thing about it is, there's no mention of [the monster's look] in Mary Shelley. This is all made-up-stuff [by Hollywood.] You go back into Mary Shelley's book and he's an incredibly soulful and insightful, tender-souled man and I hope to get more of that in there. Yes, he's grotesque beyond description, but he's a man who's been abandoned by his creator. So I hope to get more of that in it."

He then added, with a grin, "But really what it is, is I'm going to be kicking ass. It's gonna be great."

'I, Frankenstein' starts filming in February with director Stuart Beattie ('30 Days of Night') at the helm for a 2013 release.

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