When you're remaking the movie that made Kevin Bacon a star, the odds are good you've calculated how many degrees you are away from him in his titular parlor game. Julianne Hough told Moviefone she thought she was probably three degrees, thanks to Andie MacDowell, so we know someone was doing Kevin Bacon math on the set of the 'Footloose' remake. But no one told MacDowell she was the connector, or that the game even existed. We never thought we'd be the ones to explain it to her. Have you ever contemplated your degree of Kevin Bacon?
[Blank look]

You know, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game...
No, I don't. Tell me about it.

Oh, someone made it up years ago, because he was in so many big cast movies like 'JFK,' they figured he was connected to everyone in Hollywood in some way and that everyone could be connected within six degrees.
I've worked with him.

Then you're one degree. What movie did you do together?
'Beauty Shop.' So I'm one degree. That's hysterical!

So what do you think he'll think of the new 'Footloose?'
Oh, I'm sure he'll love it. I think he will.

For those of you who missed them sharing the big screen, here's the trailer from 'Beauty Shop.'

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