'Shame' is already one of the most talked about movies to hit the festival circuit this year
, and if you're a fan of Michael Fassbender, director Steve McQueen's exquisite shot composition and flashes of almost scandalous behavior, then this trailer will do nothing to dampen your anticipation. In the new film, Fassbender stars as Brandon, a New York sex addict who has a complicated relationship with his sister (Carey Mulligan). Maybe too complicated.
'Shame' will arrive in theaters on Dec. 2 courtesy of Fox Searchlight. As of now, it seems pegged for an NC-17 rating, due to some graphic sex scenes and full-frontal nudity from Fassbender and Mulligan. That doesn't appear in the slightly NSFW trailer above, but you do get a taste of Harry Escott's wonderful score. Sneaky potential Oscar nominee alert!

[via The Guardian]

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