Over the weekend, the first reviews for Steven Speilberg's 'The Adventures of Tintin' began popping up online with almost unanimous praise: "While luxuriating in its pre-existing universe, here is a film imploring you to join in. It would take a hard heart to resist," said Empire Magazine's Ian Nathan. "[The film] showcase[s] Spielberg's talent for creating action that is less about bullets and bombs than in keeping things visually alive," exclaimed Jordan Mintzer of the Hollywood Reporter.
It's refreshing to know that a project presented by both Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson may end up living up to its hype. (Spielberg is directing the first film, with Jackson producing; the two filmmakers will switch roles for the sequel.)

'Tintin' is based on the legendary Belgian comic series by Herge (and not Rin-Tin-Tin). Due to the popularity of the original 'Tintin' overseas, the film is set to premiere in the UK on Oct. 26. Unfortunately, Americans will have to wait until Christmas for its release, but you can at least check out the new poster for 'Tintin' -- which depicts the titular hero and his trusty dog, Snowy -- standing tall as a ship crashes and burns behind them.

The Adventures of Tintin
PG 2011
Based on 40 critics

Young reporter Tintin acquires a model ship that contains a clue about a hidden treasure. Read More

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